Chaotic Neutral Human Sorcerer (4th Level) (myniamh) wrote in fireflyfans,
Chaotic Neutral Human Sorcerer (4th Level)

*waves* Hello. New fan.

Firefly hasn't yet, and most likely will never get on to Australian TV. I'm not sure that's a bad thing, with Farscape as a track record.
*resists well used rant*

I have the box set now, after finally figuring out how to get the DVD to play region 0 (not even the DVD is released here yet). It took about three days to watch all the episodes. I love it! Therefore I have made icons (iconoclast_).
From the start of the theme, I was hooked (it's now lodged in my head). The characters seemed well crafted, as opposed to the pre-cut 'sci-fi character' relationships on other shows. The Jossisms are still fantastic to hear again now the other shows are gone.
The relationships between the crew facinate me, there is so much there to explore. I noticed after watching the special features, the ammount of details like the Blue Sun corp. logo, did River attack it on Jaynes tee-shirt with a carving knife? I can't check right now, someone else has the TV.

It seems to be 'high fashion' recently to destroy Sci-Fi shows before their time. I understand how different it would be to watch the show as Fox presented it on TV, than me watching all episodes at once. I'm glad I got the chance to watch them in order, because of that 'Serenity' had the mystery it was supposed to.
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