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Episode/photo gallery assistance needed

My SigO and I are planning to attend the Browncoat Ball this fall. I volunteer in theatre so I asked our costume designer if she'd design me a dress and my SigO a jacket and she has agreed. I'm taking her the series DVDs this weekend.

My question to you is what can I direct her to episode-wise to help her get a feel for this show/time period/costuming? Obviously Shindig and I was thinking Heart of Gold as well since we see a lot more people besides the cast in that one. But what else? Maybe the teaser for The Message since they're on the station and in crowds at that point?

I'm going to leave the DVDs with her so that she can watch these on her own time so I can't just forward to bits within episodes but I still would like to give her as much source material as possible.

Also, are there any spectacular photo galleries out there that I can pull some pictures from to print for her? Because of the dark lighting and the necessities of filming a dramatic series, most of the photos I've come across are cropped face or upper body shots and I'm looking for shots that show off the *costuming* of the series. Any suggestions or directions would be gratefully accepted.
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