That Word Grrl (formerly BetNoir) (thatwordgrrl) wrote in fireflyfans,
That Word Grrl (formerly BetNoir)

Calling all Big Damn Knitters!

The California Browncoats are currently accepting fan-made JayneHats, either for charity donation or direct sale, at their fantable at Comic-Con this July.

For details, contact James Regal at: and let him know you found out about this from Tina (tnat's me!). Please *e-mail him in advance* so that he can give you the 411. Let him know how many you think you will be able to make and whether or not you wish them to go for direct sale or charity donation.

If you are planning to use tvini's pattern - the one by Heather on Crafster - please tell her in advance.

There will be over 120,000 warm bodies at Comic-Con this year. Help stick a JayneHat on each and every head!

(also posted to bigdamnknitters
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