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Gina Torres as a Bond girl?

So I was surfing Entertainment Weekly's website and they have a thing up about suggestions for the next Bond girl. It's just basically fans who suggested these actresses so this isn't like any of them are seriously being considered for a role, but I was so pleasantly surprised when I got to Photo #12!

It's the beautiful Gina Torres!!!

What do you guys think? I thought that was a great idea! I think she's definitely beautiful, sexy, and strong enough to handle James Bond. I would love to see that happen! What do you think her Bond girl name would be? XD I think Morena Baccarin would also be very good and Jewel Staite could be, too, but to me she's just too cute and sweet. ^^;

At the end of the photos there's a poll. Unfortunately, Torres only has about 4% of the votes so far. :( She needs votes! Who knows? Maybe the people making the next Bond movie will see it and consider her (I know that's very unlikely, but I can dream, can't I? ;D)!!

So go vote here and you can start from the beginning of the list of actresses here.

Also, on a different subject, did anybody see "I Think I Love My Wife"? How was it? I had meant to see it while it was out in theaters (b/c Torres is in it), but I missed it so I'll have to catch it on DVD.

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