Confessions of a converse wearing geek (ecossefilmmaker) wrote in fireflyfans,
Confessions of a converse wearing geek

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Hi all,

I'm Fraser, 23 from Glasgow, Scotland.

I'm what is known as a total geek :p I work as a freelance filmmaker and I like to read spider-man comics, watch sci-fi related programmes (Firefly, Heroes, Doctor Who, Roswell, Red Dwarf, Quantum Leap, Buffy and Angel just to name a few).

I didn't know anything about Firefly or Serenity until the movie came out. I was dragged to see it with a friend and I loved it, so I then borrowed Firefly from my friend and I was hooked.

It's so sad that it got cancelled. Why can't people see how talented Joss Whedon is and give him more TV shows to do, or movies?

Anyway, hope to talk to you all soon :)
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