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Firefly on the Big Screen

For those folks living in the San Francisco Bay Area, this Thursday (May 17) is the next Parkway Whedon, hosted this month by Black Market Beagles! For those of you not familiar with this event, once a month we take over an awesome little theater in Oakland (where you sit in couches and beer and pizza are brought right to you during the show) and show either Firefly or Buffy. This month, we're doing Firefly (next month, it's Buffy, with Once More With Feeling, The Gift and Superstar, then back to Firefly in July). The next episodes up are:

Our Mrs. Reynolds
Out of Gas

The fun starts at 9:15, and it always sells out, so get there early. Tickets are $6. For more info and directions, go to

See you all there!

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