BritHistorian (brithistorian) wrote in fireflyfans,

ATTN: Fanvid makers - a challenge!

Yesterday, a friend introduced me to the wonderfulness that is the song "If You Were Gay" from Avenue Q.  I found fanvids of this song for Pirates of the Caribbean, for Naruto, and for Harry Potter, but none for Firefly!  Surely one of you people out there with the Mad Videomaking Skillz agrees with me that it would be totally hilarious to have a video of Simon singing this song to Jayne, and will decide to make one!  Please?  That would just totally make my year!

(I say Simon singing it to Jayne because:  A.  I think it's funniest that way, and B.  You'd need video of one of the characters reading a book, for which you could use the bit with Jayne reading Simon's diary.)
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