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Firefly Promotional Crate - on eBay for Equality Now, Austin's CSTS

I am the Organizer for Austin, TX's Can't Stop The Serenity Event.

We are hosting a number of eBay and Silent Auctions for items that were donated to the cause.

(In case you are not familiar with Can't Stop The Serenity, please visit our global website:

A generous Browncoat donated one of the original Firefly Promotional Crates put together and sent to media, network execs and the like to raise awareness and "pimp" the (at the time) new show.

We were going to silent auction this item at our event - but decided that eBay would be a better option as long as the winning bidder is okay with paying via Google Checkout - no fees!

The crate comes with a number of things, all photographed.

Included in the crate: (the crate, itself, is an awesome item!)
- 2 Alliance Freeze Dried Food Items
- "Joss Whedon's Firefly" hat
- Firefly Shirt in a Large
- Firefly engraved Flask
- Leather wallet with Firefly on the front
- 2 promotional cast photo postcards
- Large promotional 'verse map
- Letter from Cap'n Mal
- Blueprints of numerous ship 'rooms'.
- Invitation to the Premiere of Firefly.

Check out our eBay auction for the crate:


Thanks for Spreading the Signal!

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