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Selling UK Serenity movie promo items

ok, hope its ok to post this here but i'd rather try here first than on ebay etc.

while clearing out my room to make some money on ebay etc (being a poor student) i found a load of the promo material giving out at the UK premiere of the Big Damn Movie. i got sent a big pack with all the goodies and clearly had alot left over that i'd forgotten i even had.

i wanted to try offering to sell them straight to fans here rather than just on ebay where they might be missed and then would mean i'd just throw them away if they don't find a good home to go to.

under the cut is details of what i have, how many and prices for sending etc so if you are interested send me an email with 'serenity promo set' as the subject. it'll be first come first served and i'll edit this post when i run out of certain sets of bits etc.

I have 9 sets (SET A=£1.50) of the following:
5 promo card
1 book of matches
1 sticker
2 badges

3 sets (SET B=£1)of:
5 promo cards
1 sticker
1 badge

3 sets (SET C=£0.75)of:
5 promo cards
1 sticker

18 sets (SET D=£0.50)of:
5 promo cards

Here is a few pictures of the items in the various sets
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Each card has an individual character bio (Mal, Jayne, Inara, Zoe and River) the sticker is of the UK promo poster, the matches have a small blurb about Joss and the movie and the badges have the movie name and UK release date.

posting and package varies but roughly its £1 for the UK, £2 for USA and Europe and anywhere else if you ask i'll look it up but shouldn't be much more than the £2 - £2.50 range ish. I can only take pay pal.

if you are interested then email me at sisterspookylh@hotmail.com with the name of the set you are interested in, your address details etc and i'll get back to you with my paypal account info and to say if i have any of the sets left that you want. i know this might seem a bit wierd but i'm desperate to make up cash where i can and in my mind its better to try offering them to you here rather than else where.
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